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About Us

ATAR Inc. was established in 1981 and since then, has been the leading company in the area of professional photo albums in Israel.

ATAR Inc. is a manufacturing company that has established herself throughout the years thanks to her professional, on the time, costumer care alongside her technical and technological ability to provide customized solutions to album consumers.

Throughout all its years, the company has strived to be innovative and stay ahead of the new trends and changes in the photography world.

The company works with the best designers in the field, and there is a yearly launching of new designs, where all the leading photographers in Israel are invited to be impressed.  

The core of the company is based on the belief that a satisfied client will always come back. According to this- we have the highest standards regarding quality, design, flexibility, customer service and patience to our client’s needs. All these helped us build a company this is considered the flag company of photo albums in Israel.

The company’s product line includes a veritey of models including: classical albums and digital albums in all shapes and sizes. Also, the company sells supporting photo products like frames, media and storage products, memory cards, card reader, films, professional video cassettes and more.

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